We have two weekly Tournaments scheduled for this

 summer! Every Tuesday night is the Ebonite Challenge

 Series with sport conditions to test your ability against

 what the pros bowl on. Bowling 4 games across 8 lanes on

 challenging conditions. Spares are at a premium, so be

 ready for a real test of your mental and physical game. $15

 per week with a King of the Hill showdown each week.

 Every Thursday night we will have our No-Tap Tournaments with 8-pin No-Tap

 for bowlers below 180 and 9-pin No-Tap for bowlers with averages of 180+.

 Each tournament starts at 6:30 each evening and features a $15 entry fee.

 Bowlers will roll 4 games and drop their low game each week. Separate prize

 funds provided we have at least 5 bowlers in each division.

We have multiple flyers in the center for tournaments

 around the area for this summer. Pick one up at the counter

 in front of the McCorvey's Bowling World Pro Shop.