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  At this time of year when I was scouting, we cheap nfl jerseys were focused on getting a player into the right neighborhood, not necessarily the right house, when we went through putting our first draft board together. As we watch more tape and gather more information, it becomes easier to nail down a more precise order for the top draft prospects.


 Win or lose on Sunday, Revis has to enjoy playing for a title contender. When two sides have such high mutual interest in reaching a deal, it usually happens.   The early January announcement buy cheap nfl jerseysthat Rams owner Stan Kroenke is planning an extravagant Inglewood stadium sent shockwaves through NFL circles, but -- according to those with direct knowledge of the proceedings -- was met with quiet applause at the league office, which has been waiting for a powerful plan like this one to get behind. And despite St. Louis and Missouri officials responding quickly with their own stadium vision, the momentum here has very clearly shifted west.


 Tom Brady is at once one of the most where to buy cheap nfl jerseys well-known men in America, yet impossible to know. A biography about Brady written by one of the country's best sportswriters, Charles Pierce, barely cracked Brady's veneer and struggled to make him interesting.   Perhaps Pierce just wrote the book too soon. One of the best inside looks we've read on Brady arrived Monday courtesy of The New York Times Magazine. The writer, Mark Leibovich, spent time with Brady dating back to the offseason, and revealed a more mature player who is doing everything possible to defeat the ravages of time. Or ignore where to get cheap nfl jerseys time altogether.


 Coach Pete Carroll revealed Monday that he spent part of the day watching cut-ups of Gronkowski, searching for any keys that would help his players slow down the Patriots star.   "He really has all of the elements that you're looking for from a big-time tight end," Carroll cheap nfl jerseys paypal said, "every aspect of it."   Carroll believes the Seahawks match up well with Gronkowski because outside linebackers K.J. Wright and Bruce Irvin are "pretty tall and long" and Kam Chancellor is "about as big a strong safety as you can find."


 The bottom line is, this L.A. proposal is not like its predecessors. It's the first led by a team owner, blowing up the league's long-held belief that juggling the task of running a team with managing such a project in the nation's second biggest city would be too big a burden. It's on the largest plot of land of any of the proposed L.A. sites. It's in a cheap nfl nike jerseys more desirable end of the region. It's to be privately funded by a man who can afford it.